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Firmware Release Bulletin: ST4950B - v1.1.9

30 Mar, 2022

Release Notice Date:  2022/03/30

Production Release Date:  2021/08/27

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Recommended Update - All Carriers

Full Change logs:


 for field test

Fixed PIN check response on SIM card

Fixed disconnect mode function
Fixed deep sleep current issue on Factory Test

Firmware Information
1. New motion sensor support (BMI270) : Not Support
2. New charger IC Support : OK


Firmware Information

1. New motion sensor support (BMI270) : Not Support

2. New charger IC Support : OK
>> Added over charging protection source (10/20) : OK

3. Supports 'Quectel IMEI Write' function for MP. (BG95 model only) : N/A




for field test

Improve Motion_Gyro Ignition for false IGN ON
SQA-5454: There is a problem that FTR reports are still transmitted even in Disconn mode.
SQA-5467, 5468: When motion is detected in Disconn mode, FTR report is transmitted and changed to tow mode.


This firmware has a problem that the consumption current is measured high when connected with the factory tool.




for field test

SQA-5454: FTR report does not stop in DISCON MODE. There is also no ALT 34 or 41.
SQA-5049: When using UDP ACK, device stopped to report STT for 10 minutes if MNT report is sent just before UDP ACK for STT is received
SQA-4495, SQA-5363: GPRS information is displayed as 0 during Deep sleep status and Driving
LATAM-1065: Device doesn't have Motion alert
SQA-5165: ALT 10 was reported when device shutdown by backup battery low





for field test

Change the setting range: Motion threshold(0, 3~100), Rotation threshold(0, 5~125)
Change gyro sensitivity for ignition on
Add Scanning Band option (LTE only or LTE&GSM)

SQA-5323: GPS_FIX field is 0 even though satellite count is 5 or more
SQA-5416: GPS position is not updated in Tow mode
SQA-5165: ALT10 occurs when the device is shut down due to low voltage during backup battery only operation
SQA-5405 Heart beat report not working
SQA-5293 When sending the Attach Status Command, the response value is 0
SQA-5382 Disconn. Mode > The FTR report continues to occur. And ALT34, 41 does not occur
SQA-5380, SQA-5381 The device does not switch to Tow mode
USA-1523 Long-Trips: Customer reports false ignition on events hours ahead of trip-start.
USA-1520 Device reports show false date time or odometer values
SQA-5312 HW boot > The device cannot fix the GPS for more than 10 minutes.
USA-1478 Improve GPS inaccuracy: Drift in Park Mode
SQA-5278 Reboot bug fixed in server closed
SQA-5279 Deep Sleep Current in server closed
SQA-5290 reboot after 30 min in Deep Sleep
SQA-5266 No Clear RAM size overflow
SQA-5268 Device does not generate FTR report after SW reboot
SQA-5259 Tick count reset after Heart Beat report
SQA-5262 Fatal error when sending commands that are not supported
USA-1489, SQA-5248 No Network after sw reboot
SQA-4815 Sleep current issue in server closed





for field test

SQA-5143 Reporting stop problem in UDP ACK enabled and Deep Sleep Mode




for MP



(This firmware has been verified for compatibility with production tools.)

(This firmware has a critical problem and should not be used. The device does not generate a report during operation. SQA-5143)



for field test


CW-103 [Critical] The device sends unlimited SMS messages to the phone.




for field test

Fixed JIRA Issues

USA-517 No Network Issue in North dakota

USA-458 MNT server url, port and duration settings are deleted

Fixed bug about MNT server does not connect when sending request MNT server.

Fixed bug about Keep MNT server disconnection state while OTA process.

Fixed bug about MNT server disconnection while OTA process

Added an OTA retransmission feature

Fixed booting problem after FAT format

Fixed OTA result packet sends to Main Server.

Changed PRM Report default value to ‘Disable’

Fixed not connecting SCUTI server after OTA Update

Added SW Reboot feature

Test FW for Power Virtual Ignition for Ford 150

Improved Power Virtual Ignition with motion

10,000 maximum report data save

Added Report Schedule feature

report data encryption with AES128