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Firmware Release Bulletin: ST4950 - v2.1.8

17 Jun, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2022/12/06

Production Release Date:  2022/08/30

Full Change logs

Ver.2.1.16 / 2022.12.06

Added Network scan mode such as CATM only, CATM+2G,NB Only,NB+2G, Default CATM only.

Support multiple Data connection

Bug fixed about wrong time stamp until GPS is fixed or network attached.


Ver.2.1.15 / 2022.10.15

Add battery percentage in ST4950 series.

Bug fixed " No alert for the law battery alert after threshold is changed".

Bug fixed " Duplicated message for impact alert"        




Ver.2.1.14 / 2022.8.22

Bug fixed " no response for preset command to get all parameters.

Bug fixed " Low battery alert (ALT14) occurs occasionally"

Bug fixed "Cannot wakeup by charger connection after shutdown by low battery"

Bug fixed "ALT18 is sent again after reboot under power saving mode."

Add the following.

1. collision detection

2. server keeping time to keep the connection to receive some command from platform.

3. power saving profile. based on the voltage level, it will be use different profile.         




Ver.2.1.13 / 2022.6.2

Some algorithm changes to fix GPS signal fast.




Ver.2.1.12 / 2022.3.9

Bug fixed "Cannot occur ALT 44 and 45 at next charging by charger connection after full charging"     


Ver.2.1.10 / 2022.2.27

Add protection the time doesn’t go to backward.         




Ver.2.1.9 / 2021.11.14

Bug fixed

1.Stored Messages Don't Send Until Next Scheduled Report.

2. When GPS Lock in motion is enabled when parking, the GPS report data and locking state should maintain even after reboot.

3. When the device was turned off due to low voltage and there are many stored reports, ALT55 did not sent before shutdown sometimes.


1. Changed "Mode Config" Tab to "Scheduled Report" Tab.

2.Changed “Heart-beat alert” to “Daily Scheduled Report”.

3. Changed to use GPS cold start when the report interval is more than 12 hours.


Ver.2.1.8 / 2021.6.11

•         LATAM-1059 When UDP, Zip report, Latam UDP ACK were used, failed ACK of sending report.

•         USA-1586 no FIN in wire-shark sometimes.

•         SQA-5417 Parking time increased differently after OTA completion.

•         USA-1587 Occurred angle report when the vehicle drives straightly. : Reduce the error cases, not perfect.

Ver.2.1.7 / 2021.6.3

•         USA-1582 Cannot wakeup by motion sometimes.

•         Erased the case of non-wakeup by motion.

•         Improved entering parking by motion with ignition off delay.

•         Modified to keep GPS is powered on when the report interval is less than 10 minutes for exact positing.

•         SQA-5401 No alert for low battery when becomes low battery again.

•         SQA-5414 No wakeup and alert after disconnecting charger during deep-sleep.

•         Avoid to get bad position after device reset.

Ver.2.1.6 / 2021.5.31

•         USA-1271 Changed parking GPS position when report interval is short.

•         Changed minimum interval for parking to 10 minutes.

•         USA-1555 Disappeared AES128 manual key in sync-track after power on and reboot

•         USA-1557 Reported charging on/off alert only after battery value is read when this events is occurred in deep sleep.

•         USA-1559 Displayed AT commands in report.

•         USA-1562 Sometimes, the profile has invalid values in SMS number.

•         USA-1568 repeated charging on/off alert at around 4.2V battery

•         USA-1573 USA-1574 Modified not to turn on when charger is connected or disconnected after shut-down by magnetic.

•         USA-1576 Not refresh GPS position in hear-beat report when the device waked up form sleep or deep sleep

•         USA-1578 No report by angle when all report intervals are zero and angle for report is set

•         USA-1579 Cannot get current GPS position when report is created.

•         USA-1581 Never send hear-beat reports after sending a first hear-beat report when only one hear-beat time is set.

•         SQA-5378 When the STT Report Interval is changed, it is reported at 1 second intervals.

•         When using UDP, added confirmation process which checks whether data through 2G or 4G is sent or not.

•         Improved ignition detection by motion to removed unrecognition cases at motion on.

•         Modified to send alerts after it passed 3 minutes under no GPS when the alert event is occurred in sleep or deep sleep mode.

Ver.2.1.5 / 2021.5.18

•         Modified modem handling

: not to change from 4G to 2G at roaming condition

: added server handling for Telia MS server not to use aggressive network signaling

•         Erase fail cases at using factory tools

•         Added OTA process for Quectel modem firmware

•         Added A-GPS and self A-GPS

A-GPS would be used at getting first GPS position when A-GPS option is enabled and the device is powered up, and self A-GPS is used in other all cases.

•         SQA-5111 Modified to send the report as off-line state if the reporting is delayed for 4 minutes.

•         SQA-5371 Fixed no access to maintenance server every day.

•         SQA-5373 Fixed heartbeat report is missed sometimes.

•         USA-1516 Short trips result in no GPS fix

Improved GPS position fix time by keeping GPS backup line to high except for the case that report interval is 24 hours.

Now, it will consume around 100uA current than before. But the current will be reduced by reducing on time of GPS chipset in the future.

•         USA-1546 Fixed sending of heartbeat report was delayed sometimes.

Ver.2.1.4 / 2021.4.29

- United firmware for USA, LATAM and EU


- Add LATAM Feature Preset/Preset_P.

- Change a Parameter Name(1016). LTE Cat M1 Band  Scanning Band Mode

- Add a new Parameter Setting - UDP ACK Formula(1026).

- Fix a bug of LATAM’s Cell ID

- This FW Version is united with USA and LATAM

Ver.2.1.3 / 2021.4.12

1.       Fixed an issue where the device stops when the setting parameters are frequently changed.

Ver.2.1.2 / 2021.4.9

1.       USA-1300. EEPROM Backup process is applied. (ESN and Setting parameter values)

2.       Fixed the SQA-5271 and SQA-5274, SQA-5193.

Ver.2.1.1 / 2021.4.5

1.       Removed side effect during matching report time

Ver.2.1.0 / 2021.4.5

1.       USA-1448. Stopped reporting caused by looping of TCP fail case.

2.       USA-1465. Report at predefined special time (New Function)

3.       Changed report format to 3byte UP Protocol and some parameter IDs.

4.       Fixed inaccurate report time

5.       Erased missing of shutdown and low battery alert at shutdown

6.       Modified not to report voltage value with 0.0V

7.       Changed alert ID number of detection light

!! If the device is downgrade from this to 2.0.15 and older version than 2.0.15, the device will erase all setting parameter and cannot boot up until it passed around 30 seconds after downgrading.

Ver.2.0.15 / 2021.3.9

1.       Added to wake-up when the external charger is connected.

Ver.2.0.14 / 2021.3.9

2.       USA-1403 Stopped reporting ( Aging Test )

3.       USA-1421 Device is providing inaccurate locations

4.       USA-1454 Screwed up the most of functions after updating FW version from V8 to V11

5.       USA-1447 Not close the established connection in deep sleep mode : Modified again

6.       USA-1448, USA-1463, USA-1464 Stopped reporting caused by looping of TCP fail case : Modified again

7.       USA-1473 Reversed the alert sequence

8.       USA-1477 Stopped reporting and not goes to deep sleep mode

9.       Modified to send shutdown report when shutdown is started, except for the case that there are more than 4 stored reports.

10.     If 3 byte format firmware will be downgrade to 4 byte format firmware version, it can boot up after around 30 seconds and the all parameter will be erased. Only, it’s made to be able to boot up.

Ver.2.0.13 / 2021.3.9

1.       USA-1457 Skipped one report sometimes when the sending time is reached.

2.       USA-1448 USA-1447 : Not close the established connection in deep sleep mode

3.       USA-1448 : Stopped reporting caused by looping of TCP fail cases.

Ver.2.0.12 / 2021.3.6

1.       Modified to remove abnormal operation cases after updating firmware

2.       Removed reboot cases when GPS data is buffered more than 255 bytes.

3.       Modified timing values for modem power on and some AT commands.

4.       Removed reboot cases when RESET command or ERASE ALL command are processing.

5.       Added initialization of circle geo-fence at process for RESET command.

Ver.2.0.11 / 2021.2.26

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-1397: Changed turn on battery threshold value 3.7 to 3.6.

USA-1377: Improved the feature of gps update for alert reports for motion on and motion off.


          Improved the feature of turn on when device is shut down due to low battery and charged above a certain voltage by solar panel.

Ver.2.0.10 / 2020.12.21

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-1271: Fixes an error where the ST4950 GPS In Motion keeps turning on the GPS module while not moving.

          SQA-5031: Fixed an error in which the STT Report Type did not change even if it occurred more than the set Angle value


          Added the feature of Angle Report.

Ver.2.0.9 / 2020.11.24

Fixed JIRA Issues:

USA-1254 : Added new udp ack logic

SQA-4977 : Added Mov On/Off Delay setting related unit display in synctrak

USA-1240 : Fix the bug of does not report full report map

SQA-4969 : Fix the bug of missing field values when setting parking, driving time and receiving a saved report

Ver.2.0.8 / 2020.10.27

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4944: Modified the error that GPS coordinates do not change when deep sleep entry route is changed to 10 minutes


          Added the feature that saving driving time and parking time to external flash memory when the device is reboot.

           Fixed an error that the LED did not turn on when less than 10 minutes.

Ver.2.0.7 / 2020.10.23

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-1095: Changed the minimum report interval 10 minutes to 30 seconds.

USA-1098: Added assign header for driving time and parking time.


          Added the feature for geo fence

Ver.2.0.6 / 2020.9.23

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-1061: When trying to update the profile of the ST4950 through OTA, it has been fixed so that it does not fail due to file size.


          Changed the default state of band 25 from disabled to enabled.

Ver.2.0.5 / 2020.9.2

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4859: Reset tracking interval time as default after reboot, if bigger than 24.

Ver.2.0.4 / 2020.8.28

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-943: Not report ALT55 when low battery shutdown.


          Fixed the error of Full Test( factory ).

Ver.2.0.2 / 2020.8.26

Fixed JIRA Issues:

SQA-4823: Incorrect the no sim display at synctrack.

SQA-4792: the BG96 stopped working.

USA-993: the BG96 stopped working.

          USA-707: Not connect to MNT immediately.


Changed reset active time of BG96 when boot( 300ms->1s ).

Changed reboot delay time when NO_SIM.( 10s -> 60s ).

Changed power down timing of BG96.

Changed power off key timing of BG96.

Ver.2.0.1 / 2020.8.19


          MCU FLASH SIZE: 256K -> 512K

          Added the factory command for ‘NV Backup’

Ver.1.0.13 / 2020.8.19


          Changed the tracking interval range when deep-sleep.( 60m -> 10m )

Ver.1.0.12 / 2020.8.14

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4811: Incorrect the FW version of BG96.

          SQA-4819: Incorrect the document of alert report.

          USA-912: Incorrect ‘NO SIM’ alert.

          USA-941: Changed the driving report interval when dc connected.


          Changed reset active time of BG96 when boot( 1s -> 300ms ).

Ver.1.0.11 / 2020.8.11

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4796: the value of battery is zero when turned on.

SQA-4792: the BG96 stopped working.


          Added checking port status of BG96 when turned off.

          Deleted p-down port control of BG96.

          Modified the reset port control of BG96.

          Changed the tracking interval range when deep-sleep.( 10m -> 60m )

Ver.1.0.10 / 2020.8.3

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4791: Incorrect the format of 'LAC' field.

SQA-4794: Incorrect the description of alert 99.

SQA-4771: Don’t report charge on/off alert when turned off.


          Changed the retry count when ‘NO_SIM’ occurs.( 3 -> 5 )

          Changed the retry command when the checking ‘SIM’ status.

Ver.1.0.9 / 2020.7.29

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-898: Changed the operation of tracking interval when power connected.

          SQA-4785: Incorrect the operation of SMS response direction.

Ver.1.0.8 / 2020.7.24

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4772: Don’t report shutdown battery voltage at STT.

          SQA-4771: Don’t report charge on/off alert when turned off.

SQA-4699: Incorrect ‘motion on/off’ operation.

          USA-869: Added the operation for power-on itself.

Ver.1.0.7 / 2020.7.17

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-858: Incorrect ‘NO SIM’ alert.

          USA-832: Don’t turn off when NO_SIM.


          Changed the operation of ‘Driving Interval(DC.PWR)’

Ver.1.0.6 / 2020.7.10

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          USA-795: Added battery voltage at ALT report.

          USA-831: Changed the display of battery voltage( x.yz -> x.y )

          USA-832: Don’t turn off when NO_SIM.


          Fixed the bug of SMS( by KJH ).

Ver.1.0.5 / 2020.7.02

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4709: Can’t update battery voltage when change battery.

          SQA-4607: Incorrect battery level.

          SQA-4736: Incorrect ‘shutdown’ operation of battery.

          SQA-4699: Incorrect ‘motion on/off’ operation.

SQA-4649: Incorrect report interval when charging

USA-817: Can’t turn on by charge on/off.

USA-819: Incorrect ‘low battery’ alert.


          Added battery voltage at ALT report.

Ver.1.0.3 / 2020.6.19

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4551: SPD/CRS of alert(99) value is not 0.

          SQA-4655: Incorrect ‘shutdown’ operation of battery.

          SQA-4663: Incorrect ‘shutdown’ operation of battery.

          SQA-4662: Incorrect ‘shutdown’ operation of battery.

          SQA-4658: Incorrect battery level.

          SQA-4650: Incorrect the max level of battery.

          SQA-4649: Incorrect report interval when charging.

USA-754: the information of backup server is broken.


          Fixed the bug of memory usage.

          Added the process of heap management.

Ver.1.0.2 / 2020.6.8

Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4645: Incorrect ‘NO SIM’ alert.

          SQA-4643: Turned off after RESET.

          SQA-4637: No error message when ‘SetGoogleMap’ command.

          SQA-4638: Don’t work ‘motion sensor’.


       Added the error process for USB TX.

       Don’t disconnect to server when sleep.

Ver.1.0.1 / 2020.5.28

First release( modified from v1.0.59 of ST4910 )