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Firmware Release Bulletin: ST4940BT - v79.1.0.13

26 Mar, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2021/03/26

Production Release Date:  2020/11/18

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Recommended Update - All Carriers

Full Change logs:

Full Change logs
V 1.0.13 (M.2.0.26) 2020.11.18
- Scannable ELA sensor slots are extended to 16 from 5
V 1.0.12 (M.2.0.26) 2020.10.6
- USA-1086 issue fixed
: BSR Temp. data is not reported any more on specific case abnormally.
V 1.0.11 (M.2.0.26) 2020.7.29
- USA-889 issue fixed
: If no sensors are detected when device is powered on, no BSR report is sent
V 1.0.10 (M.2.0.26) 2020.7.9
- The SW bug – don’t report BSR Header when device is powered on – is fixed.
- Sometimes abnormal sensor’s data is sent to server. This sw bug is fixed
V 1.0.9 (M.2.0.26) 2020.7.6
- Improve stability of BLE operation
- Add power-off mode of BSR Report for flushing all sensor data.
- Fix the abnormal report problem when BLE parameter is changed.
V 1.0.8 (M.2.0.26) 2020.6.25
- Updated ELA BLE coin report specification is implemented
- Multiple Coins(to Max 5 Coins) are supported.
- New BLE Sensor Report is added.
- Sensor’s values(Temperature) are accumulated to log as file, and as BLE Sensor Report is triggered, these collected values are sent to server.
V 1.0.7 (M.2.0.26) 2020.5.13
- Add BLE Factory Command
V 1.0.6 (M.2.0.26) 2020.5.4
- Initial SW
- ELA BLE Coin T temperature value is included in report field.
- Target BLE Coin can be selectable by setting serial number.