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Firmware Release Bulletin: ST4500T - v1.0.19

26 Mar, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2021/03/26

Production Release Date:  2020/12/29

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Recommended Update - All Carriers

Full Change logs:

Ver.1.0.19 / 2020.12.29

  • Removed AGPS, USB Detection Support Function
  • Merged of trunk code
  • Fixed JIRA Issues :

USA-1373: UDP Ack Fix needed for ST4500T

USA-1347: Add OBD Speed to Fine Tracking report

SQA-4992: Zip report is NULL

SQA-4913: TRV Report bug fix


USA-926: Virtual Ignition: Motion - False or Missing IGN ON and IGN OFF events

USA-939: GPS Accuracy problems

USA-614: Changed OBD query to be slower

SQA-4915: If Motion Ignition On Rotation Threshold (1711) > 125, IGN ON problem.

SQA-4924: VI-M:Ignition On Rotation Threshold (1711) > 0.1 > IGN On repeatedly.

SQA-4925, SQA-4927, USA-1159 Added OBD recovery timeout

Ver.3.0.18 / 2020.09.24

Ver.1.0.17 / 2020.07.29

  • Applied V4_F9 Patch
  • Removed AGPS, USB Detection Support Function
  • Applied the last trunk code from 1.0.14
  • Fixed JIRA Issues :

SQA-4762: (C)디바이스에서 SMS 번호가 무한정 발생함.

SQA-4514: (C)Time zone 필드가 0 으로만 Report

SQA-4585: Device H/W Reboot Server Report ALT 60 출력되는 현상(SQA-4660, 동일 이슈)

SQA-4620: Remove Main Power> PWR_VOLT field is displayed as 0.415585.00.

SQA-4659: 완충된 백업배터리 연결 HW Reboot ALT 15 백업배터리가 3.2 Report

SQA-4180: 주행테스트 ALT29 발생하지 않고 Report 5 누락

SQA-4322: 디바이스에 리포트 저장 Server Open 하면 리포트가 Server 전송되지 않는다.

SQA-4611: (테스트 FW) Where are you 명령어 > W 소문자로 입력시 응답이 없다.

SQA-4606: (C)(테스트FW) SMS CMD Command 전송 반응없는 현상(USA-827)

SQA-4508: (주행 테스트) 주행중 중복 Report 발생함

SQA-4357: (C)F/W Downgrade > 설정 변경 > upgrade 설정 값들을 저장하지 않고, 변경 값이 출력되는 현상

SQA-4213: 사용중 외부 전원이 차단되는 상황 (방전 또는 임의로) > 전체 Parameter 또는 일부 Parameter 초기화 된다.

SQA-4353: Device Reboot ESN 초기화 되는 현상

SQA-4124: SIM 제거 10 이상 지나도 NO SIM 상태로 되지 않음.

SQA-4401: (Critical) MTK OTA Fail occurs when MTK OTA Downgrade

SQA-3647: (C)서버에서 명령어를 연속으로 전송하면 Reboot 되거나 강제 Reboot 해야 명령어를 처리한다.

LATAM-832: Device time belated

LATAM-823: Device changes output status on reports after SCUTI or OTA upgrade.

LATAM-829: No comands reply

LATAM-791: ST4340LC reboot constantly

LATAM-780: ST3300R don't answer CMD SMS

LATAM-718: (C)SMS is not answered when server is closed

LATAM-774: Some SMS commands fail

LATAM-679: (C)Some issues with the GPS information in the ST4310U and ST4310W devices

LATAM-635: Scuti commands globally unified

LATAM-644: ST4340LC STG. Don't report until FIX

USA-866: SMS response loop issue: device continually sends SMS response in loop when 20+ messages are received upon wake/power up

USA-867: New FIN release with Command Response Direction Fix

USA-711: TRV report& Enable Report Schedule(1637)버그 해결된 FW요청

USA-706: 요일별 report 기능이 어느순간 Enable에서 Disable 변경됨.

USA-543: ST4300 Sent an MNT Report to SCUTI with the Old Firmware Version

USA-546: Report 실시간 안되고 저장되었다가 전송되는 문제 확인 필요

USA-599: Update Universal Protocol documentation:  GED, PRM Hex report examples

USA-545: PDP activation will not work with T-Mobile (ST4330,ST4310)

USA-513: MCU Version Should Not Be Included in MNT Reports

USA-495: C)0 is Recognized Differently From or Blank in IP Parameter

USA-474: ST4310 Stops Sending Reports Via SMS When It Encounters a Message It Cannot Send

USA-386: Scuti 접속하지 않는 문제개선.

USA-458: MNT 서버 주소, 포트, 주기 설정이 삭제됨.

USA-463: ST4500 Does Not Function After POTA with Wrong Files

USA-443: ST4500 OTA Failure for 1.0.12, 1.0.177,1.0.18, 1.0.31

USA-434: ST4500 Having Issues Dealing With Buffered Messages

USA-441: ST4500 Configuration Can Be Changed By POTA Even When Firmware Version is Different

USA-370: What is the Command to enable UDP ACK on all message types

Ver.3.0.16 / 2020.04.02

  • Support USB Detection

Ver.3.0.15 / 2020.04.02

  • Support AGPS
  • Support MCU OTA
  • Merged of trunk code

Ver.1.0.14 / 2020.03.10

  • Resend OTA ACK report to Scuti server every minute when the next packet cannot be received
  • Repeated reconnection to Scuti server in state of OTA update

Ver.1.0.13 / 2020.02.18

  • Fixed JIRA Issues: OTA Update, Saving max 1000 reports,
  • SMS Report, Deep sleep mode power consumption,
  • SCUTI Server connection, GPS Position, PRM report, Preset Command
  •            (SQA-4302, SQA-4305, USA-474, USA-475, SQA-4299,
  •            SQA-4324, SQA-4213, USA-443, SQA-4310, USA-463, USA-458, USA-386, USA-373)

Ver.1.0.11 / 2020.02.05

  • Merged of trunk code

Ver.1.0.10 / 2020.01.21

  • Fixed bug of 1.0.4 version
  • Fixed SPI Bug, when modem reboot
  • Changed VIN query condition

Ver.1.0.9 / 2020.01.19

  • Fixed bug of Ignition problem
  • GPRS(SPI) Speed ​​improvement

Ver.1.0.6 / 2020.01.18

  • Fixed bug of USA-420
  • Fixed bug of USA-428
  • Fixed DTC parsing error on CIVIC

Ver.1.0.5 / 2020.01.17

  • Fixed bug of USA-420
  • Do not use this one.

Ver.1.0.4 / 2019.12.27

  • Changed scan command

Ver.1.0.3 / 2019.12.24

  • Added setting parameter(SCAN TIME)
  • USE Network UTC Time(If RTC is initial value when time zone is updated, change RTC to current time (UTC))

Ver.1.0.2 / 2019.12.16

  • Apply New Patch(V4_F7)
  • Changed BLE Report Format (UUID-> MAC Address)
  • Added setting parameter(UUID, SCAN MAX CNT)

Ver.1.0.1 / 2019.12.04

  • First demo support(V4_F6)