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FW Release Bulletin: ST4300 - v2.0.48

26 Mar, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2021/03/26

Production Release Date:  2020/12/31

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Critical Update - All Carriers

Full Change logs:

Ver.2.0.48 / 2020.12.31

          SQA-5010 current issue in Shutdown mode

Improved UDP ACK feature using 3 parameters

SQA-4992 Zip report is NULL

SQA-4913 TRV Report bug fix

Ver.2.0.47 / 2020.10.24

          Fixed JIRA Issues:

            LATAM-863 QT aging test – fixed DNS error

            SQA-4880 not reporting Sim Card Removed Alert 72

            LTE M1 Band25 Enabled

            LATAM-816 False SIM extraction alerts

CW-102, CW-103: The device is constantly reboot

          LATAM-690, LATAM-788: BG96 apparently off

Ver.2.0.46 / 2020.9.10

          Fixed sleep current fail case in Factory Full Test

Ver.2.0.45 / 2020.8.13

          Driver ID is removed when FW is updated from V2.0.43 or previous to V2.0.44.

SQA-4788: Device time belated

          SQA-4810: 1-wire selection parameter is changed after MTK OTA.

LATAM-843 ST4340LC Private APN not connect

Ver.2.0.44 / 2020.7.29

          Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4786 Temperature value is not correct when reporting temperature low or high alert

          SQA-4781 Temperature ID data does not update in Temperature & Driver ID Mode

Ver.2.0.43 / 2020.7.27

          Fixed JIRA Issues:

          SQA-4782 When removing temperature sensor, it does not update on report.

Ver.2.0.42 / 2020.7.21

            Fixed JIRA Issues:

            CW-103 (USA-866, SQA-4762) [Critical] The device sends unlimited SMS messages to the phone.

USA-706 Report schedule setting is changed to disable.

USA-447 Device sends Speeding Mode alerts when Speeding Mode is disabled.

USA-827 PRG and REQ responses Ignore Command Response Direction

LATAM-832 Device time belated

LATAM-829 No commands reply for SMS command

LATAM-814 RE232 DEX issue

LATAM-780 ST3300R don’t answer SMS commands

LATAM-718 (C)SMS is not answered when server is closed

LATAM-774 Some SMS commands fail

SQA-4403 (SQA-4631) 1Wire Ibutton DID false Alert

SQA-4744 when entering DeepSleep or Idle mode, temperature value is NULL

SQA-4786 Temperature value is not correct when reporting temperature low or high alert

SQA-4781 Temperature ID data does not update in Temperature & Driver ID Mode

SQA-4631 (SQA-4403) DID button is recognized as an invalid value.

SQA-4744 When the device enters Deep Sleep mode or idle mode, information is missing in the temp field value.

SQA-4669 (SQA-4670) MNT Report when ESN is NULL

SQA-4514 Time zone field value is always 0.

SQA-4585 (SQA-4660) ALT 60 report after HW rebooting

SQA-4620 Remove Main Power> PWR_VOLT field is displayed as 0.415585.00.

SQA-4659 ALT 15 report with 3.2V of backup battery after HW rebooting.

SQA-4606 PRG and REQ responses Ignore Command Response Direction

SQA-4213 (SQA-4353) The setting Parameters are initialized when external power is low

Ver.2.0.41 / 2020.3.11

          Added MCU OTA factory test

Ver.2.0.40 / 2020.3.11

          Added ADC feature in INPUT3.

          Improved OTA NCPL and Time-out cases

          Fixed JIRA ISSUE USA-517 No Network Issue in North dakota.

Ver.2.0.39 / 2020.2.13

          Fixed JIRA Issues: OTA Update, Setting Parameters, Saving max 1000 reports,

SMS Report, DEX Command, Config Lock, Deepsleep mode power consumption,

SCUTI Server connection, GPS Position, PRM report, Preset Command

          (SQA-4302, LATAM-671, SQA-4305, USA-474, USA-475, LATAM-707, SQA-4299,

          SQA-4324, SQA-4213, USA-443, SQA-4310, USA-463, LATAM-680, USA-458,

USA-386, USA-373, LATAM-581)

Ver.1.0.38 / 2019.11.27

          Fixed OTA issue

          If device turned on in no GPS environment, it transmit first report after 5 minutes but wait GPS fix at most 20 minutes.

Ver.1.0.37 / 2019.11.13

          Support ST20M and ST25T

Ver.1.0.36 / 2019.11.08

Ver.1.0.35 / 2019.09.26

Ver.1.0.34 / 2019.07.02

          Fine Tracking disabled on Parking mode

          Default Maintenance URL changed

Ver.1.0.31 / 2019.06.24

          Fixed bugs about battery charging

          Changed SIM PIN verification method

          Fixed UDP header and ESN when UDP ACK enabled

          Improved performance of processing commands received from server

          Fixed a bug about Main / Backup Server check algorithm

          APN User ID Length increased to 32bytes

Ver. 1.0.25 / 2019.03.29

          Added Latam Immobilizer Function 

          Added Request Assigned Map STT/ALT Command

          Removed OTA Server IP/Domain Name checking process

Ver. 1.0.24 / 2019.03.18

          Fixed Server IP Setting bug

          Fixed a bug about OTA packet

Ver. 1.0.23 / 2019.03.06

          Fixed a bug of distance value in Travel report

Ver. 1.0.22 / 2019.02.24

          Fixed some bugs about Setting, MNT server report, UEX report

Ver.1.0.21 / 2019.02.22

          Added Fine Tracking Report

          Release for TATA

Ver.1.0.20 / 2019.01.31

          Fixed error of Inputs Setting

Release for SC


Ver.1.0.19 / 2019.01.29

Release for USA sample