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Firmware Release Bulletin: ST4340 - v47.1.0.14

17 Jun, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2021/06/17

Production Release Date:  2021/03/02

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Recommended Update - All Carriers

Change Log:  

Version 1.0.14 / March 2, 2021

               UDP ACK Setting Parameter Enabled

Version 1.0.13 / February 26, 2021

               Network setting before scanning SIM

Improved UDP ACK feature using 3 parameters

Fixed ESN read issue in Factory Test

LATAM-863 QT aging test – fixed DNS error

Fixed BG96 Power On/Off sequence and timing of RESET, POWERKEY

SQA-4880 not reporting Sim Card Removed Alert 72

LTE M1 Band25 Enabled

LATAM-816 False SIM extraction alerts

LATAM-791 SMS code conversion error (reboot constantly)

LATAM-690, LATAM-788: BG96 apparently off

Fixed sleep current fail case in Factory Full Test

USA-963,964,LATAM-832 Incorrect Timestamp in reports

SQA-4788: Device time belated

LATAM-843 ST4340LC Private APN not connect

Ver.1.0.12 / 2020.7.22

            Fixed JIRA Issues:

            CW-102 [Critical] The device is constantly rebooting.

            CW-103 [Critical] The device sends unlimited SMS messages to the phone.

LATAM-832 Device time belated

LATAM-774 Some SMS commands fail

LATAM-780 ST3300R don’t answer SMS commands

LATAM-823 Device changes output status after OTA update

Ver.1.0.11 / 2020.3.10

            Improved OTA NCPL and Time-out cases

            Fixed JIRA ISSUE USA-517 No Network Issue in North dakota.

Ver.1.0.10 / 2020.2.13

Fixed JIRA Issues: OTA Update, Setting Parameters, Saving max 1000 reports,

SMS Report, DEX Command, Config Lock, Deepsleep mode power consumption,

SCUTI Server connection, GPS Position, PRM report, Preset Command

            (SQA-4302, LATAM-671, SQA-4305, USA-474, USA-475, LATAM-707, SQA-4299,

            SQA-4324, SQA-4213, USA-443, SQA-4310, USA-463, LATAM-680, USA-458,

USA-386, USA-373, LATAM-581)

Ver.1.0.9 / 2019.12.11

            Fixed bug about Output port state

            Fixed bug about Assign header parameter

            Changed first reporting time to 5min after booting

            Fixed bug reporting problem after OTA update

Ver.1.0.8 / 2019.11.8

            Fixed some bugs about MNT server connection, GPS, Shutdown feature, and etc.

            Changed Report size to 10,000

Ver.1.0.7 / 2019.07.27

            Fine Tracking report includes Speed, Course and Altitude

            Added Report Scheduling Report Feature

Ver.1.0.6 / 2019.07.02

            Fine Tracking disabled on Parking mode

            Default Maintenance URL changed

Ver.1.0.5 / 2019.06.25

            Fixed a bug about Input setting

            Fixed bugs about battery charging

            Changed SIM PIN verification method

            Fixed UDP header and ESN when UDP ACK enabled

            Improved performance of processing commands received from server

            Fixed a bug about Main / Backup Server check algorithm

            APN User ID Length increased to 32bytes

Ver. 1.0.3 / 2019.03.18

            Fixed Server IP Setting bug

            Fixed a bug about OTA packet

Ver.1.0.2 / 2019.03.7

            Fixed some bugs about input/output setting

            Fixed a bug of travel report distance


Ver.1.0.1 / 2019.02.24

First release