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FW Release Bulletin: ST4940M & ST4940S - v1.0.34

17 Jun, 2021

Release Notice Date:  2021/06/17

Production Release Date:  2021/05/14

Expected Maintenance Duration:  NA

Release Type: Recommended Update - All Carriers

Change Log:  

1.0.34 (M.1.1.12) 2021.5.14
-   GPS waiting time is adjusted for synching of correct UTC time.
-   Fix the SW bug for sleep waiting time on specific case.
-   (MCU) MTK power pin pulse duration is adjusted for recovering of MTK boot failure.
-   (MCU) When wakeup from deep-sleep is failed, next time for retrying wakeup is much longer than 
expected. This SW bug is fixed.

1.0.29 (M.1.1.11) 2020.9.4
-   Support AES128 encrypted reporting and can be configurable.
-   Date/Time is acquired from cellular network when it can’t sync with GPS time
-   Feature for tracking SOS button-press counter is added

1.0.28 (M.1.1.11) 2019.11.12
-   Add parameter option for TCP keep-alive function
-   (MCU) Improve MCU stability

1.0.26 (M.1.1.10) 2019.7.10
-   In specific environment, network cell info is not updated and report as ‘0’. This sw bug is 
-   As receiving command from server in the middle of OTA, OTA is terminated and return timeout 
error. This abnormal procedure is fixed.
-   (MCU) MCU recovery function is fixed when entering deep sleep.

V 1.0.25 (M.1.1.9) 2019.7.1
-   On wake up from deep-sleep under no-gps or weak-gps area, the problem sometimes not acquiring 
current time is fixed.
-   Function name is changed : Emergency Alert