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SCUTI offers an API access to our maintenance server, SCUTI

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SyncTrak User Manual Download
SyncTrak_v5 User Guide.pdf
User manual for SyncTrak, Suntech's device configuration tool, compatible with all Suntech devices
17 Dec, 2019 879 kb
Suntech USB Drivers Download
These USB drivers are required for working with all Suntech devices
08 Jan, 2020 472 kb
SCUTI API - Version 1.0.0 Download
API SCUTI Documentation-EN v 1.0.0.pdf
The SCUTI API automates the interaction with the SCUTI system. Through the API, independent processes or applications can be generated with most of the options that can be found in the SCUTI control panel.
The SCUTI API is RESTFul, which means that the communication is based on HTTP requests. The documentation details each of the methods developed in the API.
09 Dec, 2020 396 kb