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Use the Multi-Flash Tool to update multiple device firmware via USB
1. Select DA File. 1 2. Load the Firmware. 1 3. Confirm Correct Settings. 2 4. Start Firmware Download. 3 5. Troubleshooting. 3 Select DA File Click File Click Open Download...
21 Aug, 2020 Comments: 0
Update device firmware via USB
Flash Tool - Updating firmware via USB Note: USB Drivers must be installed prior to using the Flash Tool. These drivers are included in the Flash Tool Zip file. The Flash Tool is a software...
19 Feb, 2021 Comments: 0
Configure & Test the ST4940S/M
ST4940S/M - Connecting to SyncTrak and wireless networks Table of Contents Connecting to the device Connecting to the network & server Troubleshooting 1. Connecting the Device: ...
28 Apr, 2020 Comments: 0
Add OBDII PID data to STT and ALT reports (Universal Protocol)
OBD Data in Universal Protocol - Adding and integrating OBD2 PIDS to messages Table of Contents Configuring Assign Headers in SyncTrak OBD2 PIDs in ALT & STT OBD2 related Reports and...
08 May, 2020 Comments: 0
Create a device profile without a device (SyncTrak Virtual Device)
1. Check SyncTrak Version. 1 2. Initial Device Connection. 1 3. Enable JSON File Visibility. 2 4. Configuring Without Device Connected. 2 A. Accessing Configurations with JSON File. 2 B. Saving...
13 May, 2020 Comments: 0
Configure, Test & Assemble the ST4500
ST4500 - Connecting to SyncTrak and wireless networks Table of Contents Resource List Connecting and configuring the device Assembly 1. Resource List: HW: PC Computer (Windows 10...
16 Jun, 2020 Comments: 0